Introduction to Ancient Spooks

🏷  intro · meta-info   —   by Gerry · Jan 2020 · 333 words

This site is about Ancient Spooks, secret rulers whose descendants still rule us today.

Welcome to my website about ancient spookery & punnery!

My entire adult life, I had to read news about about strange terror events & finance crises. And they were all never solved, but swept under the rug, the responsible people rewarded. This made clear to me that the perpetrators operate above the law, and above governments!

So who is “behind it”? Miles Mathis, science & history researcher, has discovered that it’s a vast global network of aristocratic families, who occupy all positions of power, posing as commoners & celebrities. They can thus lie about everything with total impunity.

Miles also found out that this system did not start recently, but can be traced back many centuries.

When did it all start? I took the research one step further into ancient times. To my surprise, I found 3 things:

These may seem bold claims, but I have a mountain of evidence to back it up.

If you’re familiar with Miles’ work, you can dive right into my analyses of Biblical texts, and into my etymology research, which show that many famous names & symbols literally mean “hidden ruler”, in ancient languages.

If this all feels new to you, you may want to read my introduction to Miles’ work, or better yet read it yourself.

If you want to know how this website “works”, check out the technical info.

In any case, I hope that I can give you many new insights with my research. Browse along and have fun! This is intended for lookup, so there’s no need to read everything. Choose what interests you, leave the boring stuff. And always remember to judge things yourself! ;)


🏷  intro · meta-info