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The Purim festival is officially named after “lots”, but is celebrated by dressing in costumes & masks. It also celebrates Esther, which puns with “veiling” & “hiding”. So the real meaning must have something to do with masks, costumes, veiling, hiding. I suggest it is פרם prm for “mask” & “bandage”, and perhaps also עפר ˁpr, which means “cloaking” & “covering”.

Hebrew pwrym = Purim; prm = rip cloth, strip of cloth, mask

פורים pwrym : Pur, Purim: “lots”, a Jewish feast — Old Hebrew (Strong)

פרם prm : to tear open, rend (garment, clothes) — Hebrew (Klein)

פרימה prymh : ripping (of a garment) — Hebrew (Klein)

פורמא pwrmˀ : piece of cloth, rag used as a mask; bandage over the eyes — Hebrew (Jastrow)

Hebrew, Aramaic pwr = Purim; ˁpr = covering, cloaking

פור pwr : Pur, Purim: “lots”, a Jewish feast — Old Hebrew (Strong)

עפר ˁpr : to cover — Hebrew (Klein)

עפר ˁpr : to put on a cloak — Aramaic (CAL)

עפר ˁpr : mantle (?) — Aramaic (CAL)

Needless to say, there’s nothing wrong with common folks celebrating Purim. It’s just a joke by the spooks.

🏷  Esther Semitic pun · name