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The Egyptian god Thoth, written ḏḥwty, is styled as an ibis-headed scribe or baboon, for puns with his name. The basic meaning of the word root ḏḥ / dḥ / dh is “downwards”. All of Thoth’s attributes are derived from it: The “ibis”, the “downwards” curved beak, the “noting down” & “denoting” as a scribe, and the baboon with its colorful “downwards” region. A special meaning is dhn for “putting down in stead”, also found in Semitic as tḥt for “instead of”.


Thoth is written ḏḥwty djehuti in Egyptian. The underlying word root seems to be ḏḥ / dḥ / dh, with various spellings. It’s pretty hard to pin down. The overall basic meaning is “downward” or “putting something down or beneath”. A very special meaning is “putting down in stead”, which is the basic strategy of the spooks, who always give us lies in stead of the truth.

As usual with gods, Thoth is composed of puns with his name.

Egyptian ḏḥwty = Thoth

𓆓𓎛𓅱𓏏𓏭𓀭 ḏḥwty : Thoth god — Egyptian (AED)

Egyptian, Arabic, Aramaic tḫn, ḍḥ, ṣḥḥ = ibis, gleam, brighten, clarify, illuminate, written

𓏏𓐍𓈖𓅞 tḫn : ibis (as Thoth’s sacred animal) — Egyptian (TLA)

𓍿𓎛𓈖𓋥 ṯḥn : to gleam, to shine, sparkle, glittering — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓍿𓎛𓈖𓋥 ṯḥn : to brighten; to amuse — Egyptian (TLA)

أوضح ˀwḍḥ : to make clear, to clarify; to elucidate — Arabic (Wikt)

ܨܚܚܐ ṣḥḥˀ : (illuminated) manuscript, codex, book; copy — Syriac (Wikt)

Egyptian zẖȝ = writing, scribe

𓏞𓏜 zẖȝ.tỉ : to write, to paint (passive forms) — Egyptian (Wikt)

𓏟𓀀 zẖȝw : scribe — Egyptian (Wikt)

Egyptian tḫn, dḫn = protect with wings, hide, hidden

𓏏𓐍𓈖𓐍𓈖𓆃 tḫnḫn : spreading the wings (over someone) — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏏𓐍𓈖𓂡 tḫn : to protect — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏏𓐍𓈖𓀄 tḫn : to hide, to be hidden — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂧𓐍𓈖𓀄 dḫn : to hide, to be hidden — Egyptian (TLA)

Egyptian ḏḥ, dḥ, dḫ, dhn = down, bring down, low, lower, Lower Egypt, assign, appoint

𓂧𓎛𓅪 dḥ : to hang down; to be low — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂧𓄑𓅪 dḥ : lowest part — Egyptian (TLA)

𓇇𓅱𓊖 ỉḏḥy : Lower Egyptian — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓂧𓐍𓀒𓂡 dḫ : to cast down; to throw oneself down — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂧𓉔𓈖𓁶 dhn : to bow to; to touch (the ground with the forehead) — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂧𓐍𓈖𓀡 dḫn : to lower oneself (down to a lowborn) — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂧𓉔𓈖𓏭𓏞𓂷𓂡 dhn : to convey — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓂧𓉔𓈖𓏭𓏞 dhn : to assign — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓂧𓉔𓈖𓁶 dhn : to appoint; to nominate — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂧𓉔𓈖𓏭𓏞𓏜 ṭehni : to dedicate something by deed, to appoint something to a certain purpose, to allocate, to endow — Egyptian (Budge)

Semitic tḥt, twt, ṣḥn = down, bring down, low, lower, Lower Egypt, appoint, instead

תחת tḥt : underneath, under, below; exchange, in stead, instead, instead of, place, replace, in lieu of, (same) place, for…sake, because — Old Hebrew (Strong)

תחת tḥt : under, beneath, in place of, instead of — Hebrew (Jastrow)

תחת ; תחית ; תחות tḥwt; tḥyt; tḥt : under, at the bottom of, supporting; instead of; subject to; downward — Aramaic (CAL)

תחתה tḥth : below — Aramaic (CAL)

אתותי ˀtwty : beneath — Aramaic (CAL)

תחתיו tḥtyw : inferiority, lowness — Aramaic (CAL)

תחתי tḥty : to lower; to humiliate; to subside; to descend; to submit oneself; to humiliate oneself; to be subject — Aramaic (CAL)

תחתי tḥty : Lower Egypt — Aramaic (CAL)

מצחנו mṣḥnw : designation; nomination — Aramaic (CAL)

Egyptian, Semitic dḥ, tḥt = lower body parts, bottom part, nether region, buttocks

𓂧𓄑𓇋𓏲𓄹 ṭeḥȧ : a member of the body — Egyptian (Budge)

תחת tḥt : that which is below, which follows; nether region; bottom part — Aramaic (CAL)

תחת tḥt : buttocks, bottom, posterior — Hebrew (Klein)

תחתיה tḥtyh : lower part; anus — Aramaic (CAL)

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