Aces & eights

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The numbers 1 and 8, also called aces & eights, pun with the Semitic words for “leader” & “hidden”. If written with Hebrew numerals, 18 also spells out chay for “life”, which puns with chawy for “show”, which makes the 18 a hoax marker.

18 for chay punning with chawy for “show”

It is well known and constantly rubbed into our faces that 18 is the Hebrew numerals expression for חי ḥy chay meaning “alive”.

It is not-so-well known that חי ḥy chay also means “family”, pointing to the global network of cryptocratic overlord families, symbolized by the Tree of Life.

It is even less-well known that חי ḥy chay puns with חוי ḥwy chawy for “show”. This makes the aces & eights a hoax event marker, an indicator that a visible crisis is just a “show” enacted by the cryptocrats!

NumberHebrew numeral
8ח Ḥet
10י Yod
18 = 10 + 8חי ḥyחוי ḥwy = show

Aramaic ḥwy = show, demonstrate

חוי ḥwy : to show; to announce, reveal previously unknown information; to display apparent behavior; to issue new currency; to show, demonstrate; to announce, tell; to indicate non-verbally, make a sign; to greet; to be informed; to appear, be manifest — Aramaic (CAL)

חוה ; חוי ḥwy; ḥwh : to point; to show, teach, tell — Hebrew (Jastrow)

חוא ; חוי ḥwy; ḥwˀ : to show; to tell; point out; make a sign; to be announced; to be told — Hebrew (Jastrow)

חווי ḥwwy : demonstration; self revelation, appearance — Aramaic (CAL)

מחוה mḥwh : sign, wonder — Aramaic (CAL)

מחוי mḥwy : oracle; indicator; an optical instrument — Aramaic (CAL)

מחוינו mḥwynw : indication; demonstration, proof — Aramaic (CAL)

1 and 8 punning with “hidden leaders”

Spooks may also like the numbers 1 and 8 as numerology markers because these numbers are pronounced like “hidden leaders” or “disguised leaders”: The number 1 sounds similar to or exactly like “leader” in some grammatical forms. The number 8 sounds somewhat similar to “hidden”, and to “likeness”. Together, 1 and 8 stand for our “hidden leaders”, once again.

ace = single = yḥwdyhwd = leader (“Jew”)

eight = tmnṭmn = hidden

eight = tmn = t-mn = likeness

aces & eights = yḥwdym tmnymyhwdym ṭmnym = hidden leaders.

aces & eights = yḥwdym tmnymyhwdym tmwnym = leaders in the likeness of someone else.

For the full derivation, see number 1 and number 8.

🏷  Semitic hoax marker numerology pun · symbol