Color white

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The color white is לבן lbn lavan in Hebrew. It puns with the name Levin, and both pun with “mockery”.

Possibly examples of the color white as a spook pun indicating “mockery” could be:

Hebrew lbn = white

לבן lbn lavan : white — Old Hebrew (Strong)

Semitic lˁb = mock, play, jest, joke

לעב lˁb laab : to jest, deride, mock; Syriac ܠܥܒ: mock, delight oneself, be greedy; Arabic لعب: play, sport, jest — Old Hebrew (Strong)

לעב lˁb : to jest, mock; Aram. לְעַב (= he jested, mocked), Syr. אֶתְלַעַב (= he delighted in, was eager), Arab. la’iba (= he played, sported, jested). — Hebrew (Klein)

לעב lˁb : mockery, disgrace — Hebrew (Klein)

לעב lˁb : to mock, talk lasciviously — Hebrew (Jastrow)

לעב lˁb : to be profligate; to behave badly; to misbehave, to mock, laugh at; mockers; to be avid or greedy, to be gluttonous, to enjoy oneself — Aramaic (CAL)

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