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The strange acronym COVID-19 for the made-up Coronahoax virus is supposed to mean COrona-VIrus-Disease-2019. However, if you change 19 to 91, and then read it all out aloud as a Hebrew sentence, it seems to read כבד צואה kbd-ṣwˀh kaved-tsvah, which means “respect the command!” and “glorify the bullshit!”

The root √kbd means “heavy”, with derivations such as “giving weight” by “respecting” & “glorifying”. The 19 has no meaning as a word, but turned around to 91 it may be a variant of number 911. Both variants spell out words that are similar to צואה ṣwˀh, which means “command” & “shit”.

COVID-19 may thus be a marker for a particularly “heavy” globally issued command, which is to be “respected” by “glorifying” the “shit” that is the COVID-19 nonsense.

In Exodus 20:12, kbd also seems to be used as an anagram pun with kdb for “lie” & “fiction”.

As for other puns, the spooks may have chosen a corona virus theme for this hoax, perhaps for one of the many possible K-R-N puns (such as with “pretense”, “power” or “finance”).

The surgical masks that were made obligatory for the Coronahoax also pun with the many words for “masking” that the spooks like to use in their “masked ruler” names.

All of these are just my guesses though. It’s intended as proof-of-concept that names & numbers are rarely a coincidence with the spooks.

And of course, this obscure punnery & numerology humbug is in itself not proof that COVID-19 is a global hoax. Rather, the fact that all COVID statistics are officially admitted to be forged, ordered by the WHO to include cancer & heart attack deaths, and still the rates are small compared to the common flu, yet all global powers comply without flinching, and no mainstream media “discussion” ever even mentions this… that is proof for a global hoax!!!

Hebrew kbd = heavy, weight, honor, respect, glorify

כבוד kbwd kavód : honor; respect; esteem; dignity, self-respect; reputation — Hebrew (Wikt)

כבד kbd kavéd : heavy, having much weight — Hebrew (Wikt)

כבד kbd kabed : to be heavy, weighty, or burdensome; distinguished, glorified, glorify, honored, honor, make rich, nobles, respected — Old Hebrew (Strong)

כבד kbd kabed : to be heavy, be weighty; honored, respected; distinguished — Hebrew (Klein)

NumberHebrew numeral
90צ Ṣade
1א ˀAleph
91 = 90 + 1צא ṣˀצאה ṣˀh / צואה ṣwˀh = command / shit

Hebrew ṣwˀh = command, order, excrement, filth

צואה ṣwˀh : command, order, verbal will — Hebrew (Jastrow)

צואה ṣwˀh : filthy matter, excrement — Hebrew (Jastrow)

🏷  Semitic hoax marker numerology pun · symbol