Number 13

🏷  Semitic numerology pun · symbol   —   by Gerry · Aug 2019 · 131 words

The number 13 is known as the “unlucky” number, likely because in Hebrew numerals it spells out the word יגה ygh yagah for “grief” & “suffering”. That’s more evidence that our society — down to seemingly “folksy” superstition — was secretly shaped by the offspring of ancient spook rulers: Behind the scenes, the still use the imperial Semitic languages of their Fertile Crescent god-emperor ancestors.

NumberHebrew numeral
10י Yod
3ג Gimel
13 = 10 + 3יג ygיגה ygh = grief, suffering

Hebrew yg = pain, grief, suffer

יגה ygh : to suffer; afflicted, grieve, inflicted, torment; sorrowful, vex — Old Hebrew (Strong)

יגה ygh : to be grieved, suffer; vexed; oppressed — Hebrew (Klein)

יגון ygwn : pain, grief — Hebrew (Jastrow)

נוגה nwgh : grieved, sad, gloomy — Hebrew (Klein)

תוגה twgh : pain, grief; mittugah — Hebrew (Jastrow)

🏷  Semitic numerology pun · symbol