Number 911

🏷  Semitic hoax marker numerology pun · symbol   —   by Gerry · May 2020 · 328 words

The number 911 seems to enjoy particular popularity with our hidden spook rulers. This may be because it spells out the word ציא ṣyˀ, which can be read as a spelling variant of צואה ṣwˀh, which means both “excrement” and “command” (as in mitsvah). 911 may thus be an event marker which explicitly states that the official narrative is “bullshit”, but at the same time issues a very strict “order” to comply with the deception.

The number 911 works only with the modern numerals system which uses sofit letter forms. In former times, the number 91 may have been used, or it may be an overall modern invention.

As for “excrement” & “command”, it’s probably not a coincidence that these words overlap in so many spelling variants. An etymological relation may be via “piling on” things, which seems to be suggested by the Jastrow dictionary.

This is further evidence that most “commands” issued by our self-proclaimed leaders are simply “bullshit”. We should treat them as such.

Note that I’m not saying that the fake 911 events were harmless. Though I don’t yet know the full truth, I still assume they had very drastic consequences for many common people.

NumberHebrew numeral
900ץ Ṣade sofit (modern system)
90צ Ṣade
10י Yod
1א ˀAleph
911 = 900 + 10 + 1ציא ṣyˀצאה ṣˀh / צואה ṣwˀh = command / shit
91 = 90 + 1צא ṣˀצאה ṣˀh / צואה ṣwˀh = command / shit

Hebrew, Aramaic ṣw, ṣˀh, ṣwˀh = command, order, excrement, filth

צו ṣw : command, order — Hebrew (Klein)

צוה ṣwh : to command, order; commanded, ordered; appointed, charged — Hebrew (Klein)

צוי ṣwy : to join, attend; to arrange, pile; to order, command; to appoint; to be ordered, commanded — Hebrew (Jastrow)

צואה ṣwˀh : command, order, verbal will — Hebrew (Jastrow)

צואה ṣwˀh : filthy matter, excrement — Hebrew (Jastrow)

צאה ṣˀh : excrement, dung, filth — Hebrew (Klein)

צאי ṣˀy : to become dirty; to soil; to be soiled, covered in excrement — Aramaic (CAL)

🏷  Semitic hoax marker numerology pun · symbol