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Shoes are often prominently photographed & displayed in the context of faked events. This is likely because they pun with “show” in English. But there’s also an older pun of Semitic סאן sˀn for “shoe”, with שנא šnˀ for “disguise”. That pun also works in the M-prefixed grammar forms masana and mishnah.

English “shoe” punning with “show”

After a fake event such as a terrorist attack, shooting or abduction, there are often media articles that lead with huge photographs of the offender’s or victim’s shoes (see below). It is definitely a spook marker, indicating to lesser spooklings that it was all just a hoax to scare the public. But why use shoes? I think it’s another pun, of “shoe” with “show”. Photographing “just a shoe” would send the message that it was all “just a show”. A secondary pun for showing “the shoes” be that it was “ze Jews”, meaning our “leaders”.

You’d probably think that would be too cheap for being a secret marker. However, the incredible number of other puns is evidence that the spooks are not above cheap wordplay.

Being this cheap is also a display of the aristocracy’s incredible power: The secret service spooks are not cloak-and-dagger daredevils, but lazy & privileged princelings, who have a very easy job with their hoaxes, so easy they like to give themselves away with cheap puns.

Semitic sˀn for “shoe” punning with šnˀ for “disguise”

But the shoe as a hoaxing symbol may be much older: The Semitic word סאן sˀn for “shoe” puns with שנא šnˀ for “disguise”. This is another explanation for the many articles about catastrophes & assassinations with photographs of prominently displayed shoes.

Hebrew sˀn, msˀn = shoe, boot, sandal, wear shoes

מסן msn : shoe — Hebrew (Jastrow)

סאון sˀwn : sandal, boot — Old Hebrew (Strong)

סאן sˀn : booted warrior, guarded — Old Hebrew (Strong)

סאן sˀn : wear sandals or shoes — Hebrew (Klein)

מסאנא msˀnˀ : shoe — Hebrew (Klein)

Hebrew šn, mšn = duplicate, disguise, pervert

שנה šnh : alter, change, double, duplicate, disguise, pervert — Old Hebrew (Strong)

שנא šnˀ : alter, change, different, disguise, disguised, pervert, transferred — Hebrew (Klein)

משנה mšnh : repetition, copy, duplicate — Hebrew (Jastrow)

Shoes as markers in fake events

Shoe photos in media for shooting hoaxes

All major shooting hoaxes are using shoe photos as markers. It’s ridiculous. But it’s also proof that there must be a meaning behind them. And knowing how simple these hoaxes are enacted, it could well be a very simple pun.

Las Vegas shoes

“Discarded personal items” after Las Vegas. Why would you discard your shoes?!?

Las Vegas shoes

“Dozens of people” were allegedly shot in Las Vegas. And neatly laid down their cowboy boots.

Las Vegas shoes

Victim proudly posts her shoes on Facebook after Las vegas shooting.

Las Vegas shoes

A young girl “honors” the Las Vegas victims, “with her shoes”. What?!?

Columbine shoes

Columbine victim’s dad wears his son’s shoes when fighting gun laws.

Trenton shoes

A Trenton victim sports a cleanly bandaged leg, but points at her shoe.

Dayton shoes

Shoes of Dayton victims “piled at the scene”. Why pile up shoes?!?

Christchurch shoes

“Clothes near the Christchurch scene”. It’s shoes!

Christchurch shoes

Christchurch is “commemorated” with shoes, painted white.

Capitol Hill shoes

Shoes at Capitol Hill, representing all shooting victims ever.
Meaning all these events were just “shows”, by our “leaders”.

🏷  English Semitic hoax marker pun · symbol