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The sickle is a prominent symbol in Communism, but also appears in other heraldry. Why? It’s s pun: A sickle or scythe is called faux in French, fauci in Sicilian, and falx in Latin. All these words pun with “fake” & “false”, which is also faux in French, and fallax / falsus in Latin. It’s yet another piece of evidence that all those ultra-rich Communist leaders were really faux Communists. Also explains the spook name Fauci.

Sicilian sickle heraldry may be an additional pun of Latin sicilis for “sickle” with Latin siculus for “Sicily”.

Latin languages falx, faux = sickle, scythe; fallax, faux = false, deceive, cheat

falx : sickle, scythe; a hook used to pull down walls — Latin (Wikt)

fauci : an implement having a semicircular blade and short handle — Sicilian (Wikt)

faux : scythe — French (Wikt)

faux : false; untrue; false; not real — French (Wikt)

fallāx : deceptive, deceitful; fallacious, spurious — Latin (Wikt)

falsus : deceived, tricked, cheated, disappointed, having been deceived; mistaken; appeased, beguiled, having been appeased; sworn falsely, perjured; false, untrue — Latin (Wikt)

🏷  Latin pun · symbol