hoax markers

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Some names, numbers & symbols appear regularly with spook hoaxes. Typically, these are words which spell out the word “hoax” in some language. It seems the hoaxers use them to visibly mark up their fake events as hoaxes, for fellow spooks.

Aces & eights

spells out “show!”, and puns with “hidden leaders”


reads as “respect the command!” and “glorify the bullshit!”

Lost passport

of a fake terrorist puns with “fictional identity” & “invented trouble”

Number 33

spells “mockery”, and puns with “government agent” & “fake death”

Number 47

puns with “for deceiving” in English

Number 911

seems to spell out “bullshit!” and “this is an order!”


puns with “spying”, as does Athens


pun with English “show”, with Hebrew “disguise”, and appear on fake event photos