Mao Zedong

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The name Mao Zedong of China’s communist leader, written 毛澤東 Máo Zédōng, may be a pun with 冒姿働 mào zī dòng “feigning the appearance of a worker”. His entire family seems to consist of puns.

Mao Zedong as pun with “feigned appearance”

The name 毛澤東 Máo Zédōng may not be a real name. It can be interpreted as a pun with 冒姿働 mào zī dòng “feigning the appearance of a worker”. The actual Mao may have been a Chinese aristocrat, in league with the globalized spook elites, who was merely feigning to fight aristocratic rule.

If this is indeed the pun, then the trick here is probably to use the Chinese form of a Japanese word, so common Chinese people would never detect the pun. Common Japanese people wouldn’t detect it either, because with most Japanese readings of the characters, the pun wouldn’t work. Only globalized multilingual spook elites would understand it.

Chinese mào zī dòng = feigning the appearance of a worker

mào : to emit; to give off; to send out (or up; forth); to brave; to face; reckless; to falsely adopt (sb’s identity etc); to feign; (literary) to cover — Chinese (CEDICT)

mào : to cover; to wear a hat; to pretend to be; to risk; to brave; to face; bold; thoughtless; boldly — Chinese (Wikt)

姿 : beauty; disposition; looks; appearance — Chinese (CEDICT)

姿 : manner, carriage, bearing; looks, appearance — Chinese (Wikt)

dòng : labor, work (Japanese kokuji) — Chinese (CEDICT)

dòng : (uncommon, dated) used in borrowings of Japanese words: labor, work — Chinese (Wikt)

Mao’s family of puns

Since the surname Mao puns with “fake”, other names in Mao’s “family” may point to other things that were faked by & for him. Some of the puns are even clearer, since there are less eyes on them.

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