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The German names Schaefer & Schaeffer are popular with spook aristocrats, for a pun of German Schaefer for “shepherd” with Schaeffer for “steward”.

Spook rulers are really veiled governors, so they favor names which sound common, but are similar to governor titles.

One such example is the German name Schaeffer. It is written almost like Schaefer “shepherd” (from Schaf = sheep), but it’s actually the old governor title Schaeffer “steward” (from schaffen = work, produce). Steward itself is also a common spook name.

Variants of this name include Schaeffer, Schaefer, Schaffer, Shaffer, Schafer, Schafferer, Schaffner, Schäffer, Schäfer, Scheffer.

German, Polish schaeffere, szafarz = steward

Schaffer : (historical) wealth manager —  (Wiki)

Schaffner : (obsolete) steward over an estate —  (Wikt)

szafarz : (historical) steward; (literary) dispenser; (religion) minister; Borrowed from Middle High German schaffaere — Polish (Wikt)

Schaeffer is a German surname. It is a variant of Schaefer, from schäfer (“shepherd”) and of Schaffer, from a noun (meaning steward or bailiff) derived from Middle High German schaffen.

Wikipedia: Schaeffer

Schaffer, i.e., Schaffner; steward, manager. The form is Upper German (M.H.G. schaffaere, contrasted with schaffenaere).

Franz Grillparzer: Weh’ Dem, Der Lügt!

Schaeffer is a distinguished surname, German in origin. Derived from the Middle High German “Schaffaere” meaning the manager or steward of the head of the household.

Wikipedia: Schaeffer (surname)

Schäffer and Großschäffer were titles of members of the Teutonic Order who were responsible for the trade on the order’s lands.

Wikipedia: Schäffer

🏷  German pun spook name · name