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The cyclops is a famous one-eyed giant from Greek myths, especially the Odyssey. The name is curious, because it includes the word for “eye”, but not for “one”. Such misnomers abound with mythical creatures, and I think the reason is puns. Specifically the cyclops was so named, because kuklo-ops means “circular eye”, but also “the crowd’s eyes”: The gaze of their own subjects is the only enemy the spooks ever feared. Tellingly, the cyclops is defeated by taking away his eye, and by the top aristocrat pretending to be a “nobody”.

Greek koikullu = gape; kuklos = cycle, circle, crowds

κοικύλλω koikullu : look gaping about — Ancient Greek (

Κοικυλίων Koikulion : the gaper — Ancient Greek (

κῠ́κλος kuklos : ring, circle; crowd of people standing round, ring or circle of people — Ancient Greek (

Greek ops = eye

ὄψ ops : eye, face — Ancient Greek (Wikt)

ὤψ ; ὠπός ops; upos : eye — Ancient Greek (Wikt)

Greek kako = wretched; okhlos, okhlopoieo = crowd, mob, masses, multitudes

κᾰκός kakós : bad, worthless, useless; ugly, hideous; injurious, wretched, unhappy; low, mean, vile, evil — Ancient Greek (Wikt)

ὄχλος ochlos : a crowd, multitude, the common people; gathering, mob, riot — Ancient Greek (Strong)

ὀχλοποιέω ochlopoieó : gather a crowd, make a riot, form a mob — Ancient Greek (Strong)

Greek klops = thief; klope = theft, fraud

κλώψ klops : thief — Ancient Greek (Wikt)

κλοπός klopos : thief — Ancient Greek (

κλοπή klope : theft; secret act or transaction, fraud — Ancient Greek (

κλέπτω klepto : steal, filch; cheat; mislead, keep secret; disguise, conceal — Ancient Greek (Wikt)

🏷  Greek mythical creature pun spook enemy · symbol