Egyptian word root √ˤf

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The Egyptian word root √ˤf spelled with the phonetics arm-snake, has the basic meaning of “flying insect”.

The Egyptian word root √ˤf seems related to the Hebrew root √ˁp with similar pronunciation and the same meaning “flying creature”. Egyptian √ˤf is itself perhaps derived from Egyptian words for “flying”, such as ˤp, ˤb, ˤẖ.

The meaning “flying insect” of the word root √ˤf appears in the following variants:


𓂣𓆑𓆑𓆦 ˤff : fly insect — Egyptian (AED)

𓂣𓆑𓆑𓆦 ˤff : fly — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂣𓆑𓆑𓆦 ˤff : fly — Egyptian (Budge)

𓂣𓆑𓆦 ; 𓂣𓆑𓆑𓆦 āf; āff : fly — Egyptian (Budge)

𓂣𓆑𓆑𓆦 ˤff : fly (insect) — Egyptian (Wikt)


𓂣𓆑𓏭𓆤 ˤfy : bee — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂣𓆑𓏭𓆤𓈖𓆤𓏏𓏥 ˤfynbjt : honeybee — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂣𓆑𓏭𓆤 ˤfy : bee, honey bee — Egyptian (AED)

𓂝𓆑𓅭𓇋𓆤𓏏𓏤𓏋 āf ȧbȧ-t : honey fly, i.e., bee — Egyptian (Budge)

Fly as fying creature

Written with determinative for bird-related terms. (Indexed as G39 𓅭, since it’s close to G38 𓅬 and in Hieratic used for both.)

𓂝𓆑𓆑𓅭 ˤff : fly — Egyptian (AED)

𓅭𓏤 ˤff : fly — Egyptian (AED)

𓂝𓆑𓅯 ˤff : fly — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓂝𓆑𓆑𓅭 āf; āff : fly — Egyptian (Budge)

Buzzing sound of fly

𓂣𓆑𓆑𓆤 ˤff : buzz of insect — Egyptian (AED)

ˤff : to buzz, to hum — Egyptian (TLA)

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