Egyptian word root √bjȝ

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The Egyptian root √bjȝ seems to have the basic meaning of “shininess”, also metals and mining in general, and derived meanings of being wondrous & confusing.


In its basic meaning, the root stands for valuable non-gold metals, usually taken to be copper, bronze, iron. An extended meaning is mines and mining of these metals.

bjȝ : ore (general), metal, copper — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓇋𓄿𓈅𓈞 bjȝ : metal bronze?, iron? — Egyptian (AED)

bjȝj : valuable, consisting of bronze? — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓈞𓍄𓄿𓇋 bjȝy : consisting of bronze — Egyptian (AED)

𓈞𓃀𓊌 bjȝ : a mineral not metal — Egyptian (AED)

𓍄𓏏𓉔 bjȝt : quartzite — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓄑𓈞𓅱𓏥𓈉 bjȝw : mining region, a mine — Egyptian (AED)

𓃀𓇋𓈞𓈉 bjȝw : mine, mining region — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓇋𓏏𓈞𓈉 bjȝt : mining region — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓇋𓏏𓈞𓈉 bjȝt : quarry — Egyptian (AED)

𓃀𓄑𓎺𓅱𓏧 bjȝw : the produce of a mine — Egyptian (AED)

𓃀𓄑𓎺𓅱𓏪 bjȝw : produce of a mine — Egyptian (TLA)

𓈔𓏏𓏭𓂡𓀀 bjȝtj : metal-worker — Egyptian (TLA)

Wondrous, shining

Likely derived from the shiny metals is the meaning of wondrous or marvelous, very often written with the transport sledge glyph.

𓃀𓇋𓇋𓍄𓏛 bjȝj : wonder, miracle — Egyptian (AED)

𓃀𓇋𓇋𓏏𓍄 bjȝj : wonder, marvel at — Egyptian (AED)

𓃀𓇋𓏏𓍄𓏛𓈓 bjȝyt : miracles, marvels — Egyptian (AED)

𓃀𓇋𓏏𓏭𓍄𓏛𓏥 bjȝty : miracles, marvels — Egyptian (AED)

𓃀𓇋𓎺𓄑𓇋𓇋𓏏𓏯𓏛𓏥 bjȝyt : wonders, marvels — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓇋𓎺𓅱𓍄𓏪 bjȝw : wonders — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓇋𓄿𓏏𓎺𓄑𓀁 bjȝt : amazement, confusion — Egyptian (TLA)

The sky

Some similarly spelled words denote the sky. Some translations explain this as meteoric metals. Another possibility is that both sky and metals shine.

𓃀𓇋𓈞𓄑 bjȝ : heaven, firmament — Egyptian (AED)

𓃀𓄑𓈞𓇋𓇋𓏏𓈉 bjȝyt : firmament — Egyptian (AED)

bjȝ : heaven, sky — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓈞𓊌 bjȝ : mineral of meteoric origin, ore — Egyptian (TLA)

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