Egyptian word root √mȝˤ

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The √mȝˤ root seems derived from the head’s temples, depicted with a heron’s head. The most important derived meaning is correctness, perhaps derived from both attentive listening to the sides, but likely also from the fineness of the the heron’s feather streaks,a s they are also used in wšm for fine ears of corn and pȝq for fine linen.

Temple of head, sideways

The original meaning seems to be the temple of the head and generally the side of things, depicted by a bennu heron’s head, with its black streaks on the sides, which converge into long neck feathers.

𓌴𓐙𓂝𓆀 mȝˤ : temple of head — Egyptian (AED)

𓌷𓂝𓆀𓈇 mȝˤ : bank of river or lake — Egyptian (AED)

𓌴𓐙𓂝𓅱𓆀𓊡 mȝˤw : breeze — Egyptian (AED)

𓁶𓏤𓌴𓐙𓂝𓆀 tp mȝˤ : beside, in the neighbourhood of, accompanying, escorting — Egyptian (AED)

𓌴𓐙𓂝𓂻 mȝˤ : lead, guide, direct, send, despatch, throw out rope from ship — Egyptian (AED)

Special attention, listening

A special meaning derived from the temple is special attention, attentive listening, and eavesdropping. The phrase rdj mȝˤ r literally means “give temple to”.

𓂋𓂞𓌴𓐙𓂝𓆀𓂋 rdj mȝˤ r : to listen (to) — Egyptian (TLA)

𓂋𓂝𓌴𓐙𓂝𓆀𓂋 rdj mȝˤ r : pay attention to — Egyptian (AED)

𓂋𓂝𓌴𓐙𓂝𓆀𓂋 rdj mȝˤ r : a place to eavesdrop (put the temple to…) — Egyptian (AED)

Truth, correctness

A further derived meaning is “giving attention to correctness”. This is often translated as rightness or righteousness, but likely had little to do with doing the “morally” right thing, but rather with accounting correctness, i.e. not deceiving the ruling landlord of a single grain spike. Evidence for this emphasis on precision are the used glyphs and determinatives, which stand for fine cuts or fine structures: the sickle 𓌳, the cut-off block 𓐙, the feather 𓆄, a ruler with a feather 𓁦, and the heron with its fine streaks 𓆀.

𓐙 mȝˤ : TRUE — Egyptian (AED)

𓌷𓂝𓏛 mȝˤ : true of speech, real, just, righteous, true to, loyal to, rightful of property, rightly belong to, pleasing, be in order of balance — Egyptian (AED)

𓌷𓂝𓐍𓂋𓊤 mȝˤ ḫrw : deceased, be justified, vindicated, true of voice — Egyptian (AED)

𓆄 mȝˤt : right-doing, righteousness — Egyptian (AED)

𓁦 mȝˤt : right-doing, righteousness — Egyptian (AED)

𓌴𓐙𓂝𓏏𓁦 mȝˤt : rightness, orderly management — Egyptian (AED)

𓌷𓂝𓏏𓏭𓆄𓆄 mȝˤty : judgement — Egyptian (AED)

𓌷𓂝𓏏𓏭𓆄𓆄𓆗𓆗 mȝˤty : judgement — Egyptian (AED)

𓊹𓍛𓆄 ḥm nṯr mȝˤt : Prophet of Maat — Egyptian (AED)

𓌷𓂝𓅱𓈒𓏥 mȝˤw : products, offering, tribute, gifts — Egyptian (AED)

𓌷𓂝𓏛 mȝˤ : present, offer, make presentation to — Egyptian (AED)

𓋴𓌷𓂝𓂻 smȝˤ : put in order, correct, present, survey region — Egyptian (AED)


Another meaning derived from correctness is that of reality, i.e. that which has been correctly reported must be reality.

𓌴𓐙𓂝𓆀𓏛 mȝˤ : real — Egyptian (AED)

𓇬𓈖𓌷𓂝 wn mȝˤ : true being, reality — Egyptian (AED)

𓃹𓈖𓌷𓂝𓏛 wn mȝˤ : true being, reality — Egyptian (AED)

𓃹𓈖𓌴𓐙𓂝𓆀𓏛 wn mȝˤ : true being, reality — Egyptian (AED)

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