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🏷  intro · meta-info   —   by Gerry · Mar 2020 · 691 words

In case you’re wondering who’d research ancient spookery & punnery, I’ll introduce myself here, and explain how I found my hobby.

My name’s Gerry. I’m from Germany. I had a cushioned childhood and grew up as a nerdy boy, book-smart & creative, but also solitary & insecure. I probably could’ve spent my entire life joyfully inside a virtual world of comics & video games.

But life & the financial crises turned my path around 180 degrees. After marrying, I ended up as a Dilbert-type IT employee, inside the bureaucratic nether regions of giant tech & finance corporations. My clash with the corporate propaganda/reality mismatch made me develop an innate distrust & disgust of authorities. It got worse in the financial crises, when all other corporate drones seemed not to notice the glaring glitch in the matrix: Not a single government worldwide would impose meaningful restrictions on banks.

But I was so bugged, I finally looked up some other glitches, such as 9/11. As I came late to the party, there was already a wealth of collected evidence for massive deception, though spiced with false explanations. It was enough for me: None of “America’s enemies” had made use of the evidence that 9/11 was a fraud. This was evidence in itself that they were not really enemies. Rather, they were all frauds as well. There was a systemic global fraud!

Searching for the “faction” that was “behind it all”, I found Miles’ site. He had it all figured out: In reality, there were no factions! Just one beast, its many tentacles disguised as warring handpuppets, plus some occasional squabbling behind the scenes. And unlike with all the faux truther sites, I could confirm it myself, by doing my own original research. Like many of Miles’ readers, I had a hard time accepting that even my “leftist” heroes had been “in on it”, and also accepting “ze Jewish” connection. But after analyzing several celebrity biographies myself, I knew Miles was right.

My next question was how I could contribute. I’d spent my life in fictitious worlds, and hardly knew any celebs & historic persons. So I was way behind Miles’ other readers in outing their bios as equally fictitious. But Miles went ever further down in history, down to the crusades & Biblical wars. That gave me an idea: Since the spooks use Biblical names, I’d read the Bible to see what was really in there.

At first I found little concrete information in the Bible, but lots of weirdness, like Joseph’s granary scheme. That gave me the next idea: Maybe some hints had been lost in translation? I had unsuccessfully studied Chinese before, so scripts with less than 3000 letters should be a breeze! Thankfully, the Hebrew Bible was cross-indexed into easily clickable vocabulary pieces. I downloaded Strong’s concordance and stared at the Hebrew verses every lunchbreak. The translations seemed correct though. But thankfully again, Strong had clustered & cross-linked the word roots. That was the breakthrough: One word could mean several things. I was able to solve Samson’s riddle as a pun!

My knowledge & success in pun-decryption have been expanding ever since. I started out in 2017, and am still learning. I’ve branched into other dictionaries, for other languages even, and even though I don’t speak any of them yet, I’m developing a good feeling for them. It’ll be a long journey, but I’m still confident that some day we’ll be able to reverse-translate some pun-encrypted teachings about spookery. We already pretty much know everything thanks to Miles. But it’ll still be nice to have it in black & white.

As for the ultimate-ultimate origins of all this weirdness, those seem so much beyond Biblical times that we’ll probably need more archaeological research than pun-decryption. But since I’m juggling this with job & family, I’ll do just one thing at a time. And hey, I’m still the best with the puns, because I’m the only one. That’s the trick. 😉

If you have any questions, ideas, or catch me with mistakes, you can contact me via email: gerry123 at posteo dot net.

Cheers, and thanks for reading my stuff!


🏷  intro · meta-info