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In Egyptian mythology, the monster Apophis or Apep was a gargantuan snake, enemy of all gods, who attacked the sun god Ra in his barque each night. Apophis was written ˤȝpp, and the official pun is probably with bbn “snaking”, in combination with ḫppw “enemy”. But since the Egyptian elites were already spooks or proto-spooks, the secret pun was probably with jpp “exploration” & “reckoning” by their subjects, which has always been their worst enemy!


As usual, Apophis consists of semi-official punnery, and secret spooky puns:

For more punnery linked to Apophis, see Ra, and especially Ra’s 2 barques.

The gods who helped Ra to defend against Apophis are probably spook puns as well. One such defender was Seth, who puns with being “hidden”, the spooks’ main defense against being “examined”.

Egyptian ˤȝpp = Apophis; ḫppw = enemy; bbn = slither

𓉻𓊪𓊪𓆙 ˤȝpp : Apophis; snake god, enemy of gods — Egyptian (TLA)

𓐍𓊪𓊪𓀏 ḫppw : enemy (?) — Egyptian (TLA)

𓐍𓊪𓊪𓀏 ḫppw : foe, stranger — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓃀𓃀𓈖𓂻 bbn : to wriggle (of a snake) — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓃀𓈖𓂻 bbn : crawl, creep, slither (of a snake) — Egyptian (Vygus)

Egyptian jpp, jp = search, explore, reckoning; ˤȝ = great, leader, noble

𓇋𓊪𓊪 jpp : search, explore — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓇋𓊪𓊪 jpp : explore — Egyptian (TLA)

𓇋𓊪𓏛 jp : exact, detail, claim, examine, recognize, take heed of — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓇋𓊪𓏏𓏛 jp : shrewd, discerning, expert — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓇋𓊪𓏛 jp : count, reckon up, make reckoning, assess, pay — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓉻𓏛𓀀 ˤȝ : leader, chief, workman, commander, elder, noble, master — Egyptian (Vygus)

🏷  Egyptian mythical creature pun spook enemy · name