Bar Mitzvah

🏷  Semitic festival pun · name   —   by Gerry · Mar 2021 · 137 words

The coming-of-age ritual Bar Mitzvah officially means “an [agent] who is subject to the law”. But mṣwh for “law” & “command” is very close to mswh for “mask”. A Bar Misvah is therefore “an [agent] who is subject to masking”, i.e. a secret agent or spook. While the common Jewish people celebrate their Bar Mitzvah, the spook families probably celebrate a Bar Misvah, the time when the offspring of the cryptocrats is finally clued in on all the nasty secrets & swindles, and assumes a lifelong disguise. As mṣwh also means “command”, the young cryptocrats may become secret “commanders” of society at the same time.

Hebrew br = type; mṣwh = commandment; mswh = veil, mask

בר br : having a certain trait, -able — Hebrew (Wikt)

מצוה mṣwh : commandment — Hebrew (Wikt)

מסוה mswh : cover, veil, mask — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Semitic festival pun · name