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The spook name Gold, plus variants like Gould / Geld / Gelt / Golda / Goldsmith / Goldman / Goldstein / Goldberg, may simply designate a “rich” crypto-aristocratic bankster. But Arabic qld also means “to imitate”, and “to wind around”. Hebrew / Aramaic gld is also a word for a “covering” or “frosting”. Additional spook meanings are thus possible. The words may even be related to English gold, because ancient words for gold were often derived from plating or covering with leaf gold.

Arabic qld = winding around, imitate, mimic

قَلَّدَ qld qallada : to imitate, to ape, to represent on the stage; to wind round; to adorn with a necklace; to gird with a sword; to invest, to make (someone) a prince, to give (someone) full power — Arabic (Wikt)

قلد qld kallid : mimic — Arabic (Catafago)

مقلَد mqld mukallid : imitator, buffoon — Arabic (Catafago)

Hebrew, Aramaic gld = plating, skin, frost

גלד gld : skin, hide — Hebrew (Klein)

גלדא gldˀ : plate, covering; scab, scurf.; skin, leather; heel — Hebrew (Jastrow)

גלד gld : skin, hide, leather, textile(?) covering — Aramaic (CAL)

גלדון gldwn : small hide — Aramaic (CAL)

גליד glyd : ice, frost — Aramaic (CAL)

🏷  Semitic pun spook name · name