Lieutenant colonel

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Miles has found that the military title lieutenant-colonel seems very often awarded for spooks who work in secret hoax projects. I think it may not be their actual title, but a punny spook marker: In modern Hebrew, the equivalent IDF rank is called סגן אלוף sgn-ˀlwp segen-aluph. And that puns with סוכן עלף skwn-ˁlp sokhen-alaph, which means “undercover agent”. And that’s what the hoaxing spooks are: undercover agents.

Note that this is again a pun which neither speakers of ancient nor modern Hebrew would easily understand: sokhen in the sense of “agent” seems to be a relatively modern word, while alaph is a relatively ancient word for “cover”. Only modern spooks who are taught the ancient spooky scripture in spookling school will understand both. The actual modern Hebrew word for “secret agent” is sokhen-khashai.

Also note that this does not mean that all lieutenant-colonels are necessarily secret agents, or that they’d all be actual Israelis or Jews in the textbook sense. It is simply a disguised way for the spooks to say “secret agent”, because the official Israeli title is so similar.

One a last note, the title of colonel itself could also be a marker, as the IDF equivalent is aluph-mishneh for “second general”, derived from the word mishnah which means “two” and also “disguise”.

Hebrew sgn-ˀlwp = lieutenant-colonel; swkn = agent; ˁlp = covered, wrapped

סגן אלוף sgn ˀlwp : lieutenant colonel — Hebrew (Wikt)

סוכן swkn : agent — Hebrew (Wikt)

סוכן swkn : servitor, steward; agent — Hebrew (Klein)

עלף ˁlp : to cover, wrap; covered, wrapped — Hebrew (Klein)

עלף ˁlp : to cover; to veil or cover; faint, overlaid, wrap self — Old Hebrew (Strong)

Lieutenant Colonel is a military officer rank in most armies of the world. It is a senior rank, above Major and below Colonel. It is equivalent to the rank of Israel Defense Forces segen-aluf.

לוטננט קולונל (Lieutenant Colonel) היא דרגת קצונה צבאית במרבית צבאות העולם. זו דרגה בכירה, מעל דרגת מייג'ור ומתחת לקולונל. היא מקבילה לדרגת הסגן-אלוף הצה״לית.

Hebrew Wikipedia: Lieutenant Colonel

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