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The German name Lindemann and the Norwegian variant Lindeman are fairly common surnames. Some celebrities use that name. For the spooks among them, it may be a pun with Norwegian Lendmann, which was an aristocratic title. If the etymology is from lending fiefdoms to vassals, it may overlap with spook banksters being called “lending men”. May also explain the spook name Lindbergh, with the Berg suffix.

Norwegian lendmann = aristocratic title

lendmann : Lendmann (plural lendmenn) (Old Norse: lendr maðr), was a title in medieval Norway. Lendmann was the highest rank attainable in the hird of the Norwegian king, and a lendmann stood beneath only earls and kings. In the 13th century there were between 10 and 20 lendmenn at any one time. — Norwegian (Wiki)

🏷  German Norwegian spook name · name