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The aristocratic name & suffix Berg, and its variant Burg, may be a spooky pun with Arabic burqa, from the root rqˁ, which means “spread out”, and by derivation “cover”, “veil”, “mask”. The most common Hebrew meaning of b-rqˁ is “in the background”. It also means “with heritage”, presumably a crypto-aristocratic one. Baruch, Barack, Barca, Mubarak may be Semitic names using the same pun.

Many aristocrats slap a -Berg suffix onto their spook names, to make them sound more European. But some aristocrats simpy call themselves Berg, without any real name before that, so I wondered if that word was more than a suffix, a pun on its own.

The name does pun with the Phoenician name Barca, but that only means “lightning”, so it’s probably a pun as well.

The solution is perhaps found in the term burqa, written brqˁ which describes a full-body veil for women. It is a B-prefix nominalization of rqˁ. That root has the general meaning of “spread out”, and by derivation “patch”, “plating”, “cover”, “veil”, “mask”. It’s our hidden rulers again!

For a secondary pun, the root rqˁ also has the meaning “background” & “heritage”. This means the crypto-aristocrats likely use it to signal their secret aristocratic lineage. It seems to be used in that sense in Genesis 1:6, disguised as “firmament”.

Arabic, Persian rqˁ, brqˁ = patch, cover, veil, mask

رَقَعَ rqˁ raqaˁa : to patch, to cover with fabric — Arabic (Wikt)

رُقْعَة rqˁʰ ruqˁa : patch, piece of cloth for mending; area, spot, patch of land; ticket, label, billet — Arabic (Wikt)

رَقِيع rqˁ raqīˁ : patched, having suffered mending — Arabic (Wikt)

رَقِيع rqˁ raqīˁ : firmament, first heaven, canopy — Arabic (Wikt)

بُرْقُع brqˁ burquˁ : cover; veil; yashmak; curtain; hooded-horse blanket — Arabic (Wikt)

بَرْقَعَ brqˁ barqaˁa : to envelop; to cover; to veil; to enshroud; to conceal; to wear feminine clothing — Arabic (Wikt)

بُرقُع brqˁ burguˁ : face cover; niqab; yashmak — Hijazi Arabic (Wikt)

برقع brqˁ borqaˁ : burqa, burka; veil; mask — Persian (Wikt)

Hebrew, Aramaic rqˁ, brq = patch, veil, background

רקע rqˁ : patch, rag; garment — Aramaic (CAL)

רוקעה rwqˁh : piece of cloth; tatter, rag; slip of paper — Aramaic (CAL)

רקיעה rqyˁh : mantle — Aramaic (CAL)

מרקוע mrqwˁ : patch — Aramaic (CAL)

ברק brq : blockade; veil; blockaded area in or attached to a house; veil — Aramaic (CAL)

רקע rqˁ reqa : background; background of a picture; a person’s heritage, upbringing — Hebrew (Wikt)

🏷  Semitic hidden ruler pun spook name · name