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The strange spook name Rockefeller of the oil tycoons may simply be a garbled translation of “oil czar”. Latin petro is “rock” and also the abbreviation of “petroleum”, while Latin caesor means “feller” and came to mean “emperor”, loaned into Russian as czar. If this is true, then the name Rockefeller is simply a permanently adopted stage-name. Likely, it conceals the fact that the clans who are now named “Rockefeller” were already insanely rich & powerful aristocrats before they also seized the petro business.

Latin petro = rock, petroleum

petra : stone, rock — Latin (Wikt)

petro- : stone; petroleum — English (Wikt)

Latin caesor = feller; caesar = emperor

caesor : hewer, chopper, cutter; one who fells something, feller — Latin (Wikt)

caesar : emperor, ruler, dictator — English (Wikt)

tsar : an emperor of Russia; (figuratively) a person with great power, an autocrat; Borrowed from Russian царь (carʹ), […] from Latin Caesar — English (Wikt)

🏷  Latin pun spook name · name