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The strange name of the fake terrorists called Taliban can be interpreted as ṭlb-n for “student [of religion]”, but also as t-lˁb-n for “mocker & player [of religion]”.

Of course, this possible pun is not proof that the Taliban were always fake. It’s only evidence. Rather, the nonsensical, self-contradictory garbage passed to us as “news” & “history” about them are proof that they’re fake: The purported group evolved out of a CIA project, exhibits a religious orthodoxy that’s completely over-the-top, and for some strange reason the most powerful military state in human history apparently cannot “defeat” them. Given these hints, it’s pretty much certain that the “Taliban” are yet another spooky mockup, designed to spread terror & confusion, and to destroy & pervert people’s faith.

Arabic ṭlb = student

طَالِب ṭˀlb ṭālib : seeker, pursuer; student, scholar; claimant — Arabic (Wikt)

Hebrew, Arabic t-lˁb = mock, play, trick

תלעב tlˁb talˁev : to mock — Hebrew (Jastrow)

תולעבא twlˁbˀ tuleˁava : sneer, scorn, lasciviousness — Hebrew (Jastrow)

תלעבון tlˁbwn tlaˁavun : mock, laugh at — Aramaic (CAL)

تَلَعَّبَ tlˁb talaˁˁaba : to play, to act playfully — Arabic (Wikt)

تلعبون tlˁbwn talˁabuna : to play, to trick, to cheat (second-person plural form) — Arabic (Wikt)

🏷  Levi Semitic pun · name