Yom Kippur

🏷  Semitic festival pun · name   —   by Gerry · Dec 2020 · 105 words

Unbeknownst to the celebrating faithfuls, the holy “day of atonement” Yom Kippur, written יום כיפור ywm-kypwr, puns with עם כפר ˁm-kpr for “covered-up people” or even “denied relations”, i.e. the spooky families.

Hebrew ywm = day; ˁm = people, joined, relatives

יום ywm : light, day; day of life; time — Hebrew (Jastrow)

עם ˁm : gathering, crowd, people — Hebrew (Jastrow)

עם ˁm : kinsman, relative — Hebrew (Klein)

עמם ˁmm : to join, connect — Hebrew (Klein)

Hebrew kpr = atonement, cover up, deny, feign ignorance

כפור kpwr : redemption, atonement — Hebrew (Jastrow)

כפר kpr : to bend, arch over, cover; to deny, withhold the truth by claiming ignorance; to ignore — Hebrew (Jastrow)

🏷  Semitic festival pun · name