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The Menorah is the lampstand with seven arms which is used as the religious symbol for Judaism. The name mnrh means “lamp” and is derived from nr for “lamp” & “light”. Since the M is not needed for the “lamp” meaning, it’s probably needed for the spooky pun. I think m-nrh is supposed to pun with mn-rˀh which means “through appearances”. This is what spookery is all about: Aristocratic rulers are assuming an inconspicuous identity, through false appearances.

Hebrew m-nrh = lamp

מנרה mnrh : a lampstand; a chandelier — Old Hebrew (Strong)

Hebrew mn = from, by, through; rˀh = look, appear, appearance

מן mn : away from, from, of, out of; since, because; more than, than — Hebrew (Klein)

מן mn : from; of the immediate or efficient cause, in consequence of, at by; from, on account of, through — Hebrew (Klein)

ראה rˀh : to meet with; to see; to be seen, be visible; to appear; to seem; to be shown; to show one’s self — Hebrew (Jastrow)

ראה rˀh : to see; look at, behld; perceive; seen, visible; appear, show oneself; appear to be, seem; pretend, feign; cause to see, cause to look at; shown — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Semitic pun · symbol