Modern art

🏷  German Semitic pun · symbol   —   by Gerry · May 2020 · 568 words

The garbage called modern art, which is really non-art or anti-art, may be a pun with German modern and Aramaic medran, wich both mean “rotten” & “muddied”. The Semitic root mdr even means “declining” & “dumbed down”. All these predicates perfectly describe modern art.

The hidden elites are born with insane powers & privileges as rulers, but as humans only with average or below-average skills. So whenever they compete with us, their subjects, on a level that involves skill, they’re bound to lose most of the time. Their solution was to introduce fields that need no skill at all, but merely a high level of hidden power & influence to succeed. Miles, being a painter himself, has found out that modernism and especially modern art is such a corrupted field: A crypto-aristocratic insider can easily sell a white canvas for millions as “modern art”, in a fake money laundering transaction with his buddies. But a commoner will only be laughed at whenever he tries this.

The question is: Why did the elites choose the term modernism for this cheap idiocy? Officially, the term modern is derived from Latin modo meaning “now”. But every piece of art is created “now” in its own time, so that’s a really idiotic term to name any particular style.

As usual, the solution may be a pun: If you look up the term modern in a German dictionary, you’ll see that it has 2 meanings: one is the adjective meaning “now”, the other is a verb meaning “rotting” & “decaying”. (It also means “moulder” & “mud”, and these English M-D-R terms are perhaps etymologically related.)

German modern = new age, rotten

modern : modern, pertaining to a current or recent time and style — German (Wikt)

modern : to rot, to molder; from Moder (“moldiness”) — German (Wikt)

The spook aristocrats love to use their multi-national reach to create multi-lingual puns. But typically, they also like to stress their millennia-old inherited power by making puns in ancient languages. And as it happens, we find the German word modern in Old Aramaic as medran, pronounced almost the same and with the same meanings of “moulder” & “mud”.

And that seems to be a possible pun. In fact, the cryptocratic princelings quite often make literal mud or feces the subject of their “art”. They think they’re being funny.

But most interestingly, for the root mdr, we also find the figurative meanings of “perverting” & “making dumb”. That fits not only modern art, but modernism in general. Modern architecture, for example, is thankfully not yet made to look like literal mud, but it’s certainly perverted and totally dumbed down, so that even the dumbest crypto-princelings can compete and become star architects. A similar Aramaic word mdrwn means “declivity”, which is a way of saying something “declines”.

We may conclude: Not only was modern art intentionally made rotten & dumbed-down, the very word was chosen to mean exactly that, in several languages!

Aramaic mdr, mdrn = moulder, mud, rot, pervert, made dumb

מדר mdr : soil, earth, ground, mud; clay; dust; rotten material — Aramaic (CAL)

מדר mdr : to be made dumb; to pervert; to rot; to be corrupted (uncertain) — Aramaic (CAL)

מדור mdwr : insipid, rotten; not purged of dross — Aramaic (CAL)

ממדר mmdr : putrified; putrified; made into dust — Aramaic (CAL)

מדרני mdrny : earthen — Aramaic (CAL)

Hebrew mdrwn = declivity

מדרון mdrwn : slope, slant, declivity — Hebrew (Klein)

מדרון mdrwn : sloping; declivity — Hebrew (Jastrow)

🏷  German Semitic pun · symbol