Stars & Stripes

🏷  Latin pun · symbol   —   by Gerry · Sep 2021 · 129 words

The Stars & Stripes on the American flag would be stellae & clavi in Latin. This puns with sutelae & calvio “tricks & deceiving”. Because sutela for “trick” is derived from “stitched together”, we even get confirmation from the tale that Betsy Ross literally “stitched together” the stripes for the flag. It’s a pun!

Latin stellae = stars; sutelae = tricks

stēlla; stēllae : a star; a star shape, a figure of a star — Latin (Wikt)

sūtēla; sūtēlae : a sewing together; a cunning device, artifice, trick, wile, stratagem — Latin (Wikt)

Latin clavi = stripes; calvio = deceive

clāvus; clāvī : a nail; purple stripe on the tunic — Latin (Wikt)

calvio : deceive, intrigue / use subterfuge / tricks against; be tricked / deceived — Latin (

calvor; calvī : deceive; intrigue against — Latin (Wikt)

🏷  Latin pun · symbol