Semitic word root √kpp

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The Semitic root √kpp has the basic meaning of being “curved” or “bent” into a hollow form. A derived meaning is to make other people bow down. It might be related to Egyptian √kȝp, since there we find the meaning of covering with curved wings.

Curving and bending down

Hebrew kpp = bend

כפף kpp kaphaph : to bend, bend down, be bent or bowed — Old Hebrew (Strong)

Akkadian kpp = bend, curve

𒄃𒃵 kapāpu : to bend, curve, bow; to be curved, bent; to surround sth. with sth.; to bend, twist; to be bent, curved; to make bow down; to be bent, twisted — Akkadian (AAF)

Egyptian kpp = cover

In Egyptian, a similar word exists within the √kȝp group, but it might also be related to Semitic √kpp.

𓎡𓄿𓊪𓄿𓊪𓇮 kȝpȝp : cover — Egyptian (AED)

Curved, hollow things

Most often found are hands, soles, fronds, bowls, and stones. There are many words for stones, but this one emphasizes a curved form, such as with difficult to climb terrain. A famous term is the cap called kippah.

Hebrew kp = palm of hand, palm frond, curved things

כף kp kaph : hollow or flat of the hand, palm, sole of the foot, a pan — Old Hebrew (Strong)

כפה kph kippah : a branch, frond (of a palm tree) — Old Hebrew (Strong)

כפור kpwr kephor : bowl, basin — Old Hebrew (Strong)

כף kp keph : a rock, rocks — Old Hebrew (Strong)

כפה kph kippah : The cloth skullcap or yarmulke traditionally worn by male Jews. — Hebrew (Wikt)

Akkadian kp = palm of hand, palm frond, curved things

𒀉 kappu : a hand, a palm; a paw; a small bowl; edge? bank? — Akkadian (AAF)

𒉺 kappu : wing; branch, frond — Akkadian (Wikt)

kāpu : (of river, mountain) rock, cliff — Akkadian (AAF)

Ugaritic kpp = palm of hand

𐎋𐎔𐎔 kpp : hand, palm — Akkadian (AAF)

Egyptian kp = palm of hand, sole of foot

The meaning of hands or feet is attested for Egyptian as a Semitic loanword.

𓎡𓄿𓊪𓏲𓄹𓏥 kp : sole of the foot — Egyptian (TLA)

kp : the cut off hands of enemies; palm of the hand; sole of the foot (Sem. loan word) — Egyptian (TLA)

Making people bow down

Just as in English, making people bow to your will is expressed as figuratively bending them.

Hebrew kp = subdue, forcing, bending people

The very same spelling for “palm frond” is with a different reading used for “subduing” and “coercing”.

כפה kph kaphah : to subdue — Old Hebrew (Strong)

כפה kph kapha : coerced, forced — Hebrew (Wikt)

Aramaic kp = subdue, forcing, bending people

kpp : to compel, force, subdue;ליה ולמה כפיתיניה ‏   why did you not compel him? — Aramaic (CAL)

כפיף kpyp : bent over;וִיהָכוּן לְגַוִיך כְפִיפִין בְנֵי מְשַעבְדַך ‏   your subjects shall go into your midst bent over — Aramaic (CAL)

Akkadian wkl = overseeing; written like kp

The very same spelling for “palm frond” is with a different reading used for “overseer”.

𒉺 waklu : overseer, foreman, instructor — Akkadian (Wikt)

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