Egyptian word root √kȝp

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The Egyptian root √kȝp has the basic meaning of cover, similar to √ˤfn. One spelling even features a human hiding behind cover. The root is likely related to Semitic √kpp, and perhaps to √kpr.

𓊶𓊪𓀄 kȝp : cover, spread with wings — Egyptian (AED)

𓊶𓊪𓉐 kȝp : hut, hide of fowler — Egyptian (AED)

𓎡𓄿𓊪𓏏𓇮𓈓 kȝpwt : covers — Egyptian (AED)

𓊶𓊪𓏏𓋳 kȝpt : linen cover of jar — Egyptian (AED)

𓊶𓊪𓊋𓀀 kȝp : cover, roof over, hide oneself, take cover, droop of eyebrows — Egyptian (AED)

𓊶𓊪𓉐 kȝp : royal nursery, chamber, harem — Egyptian (AED)

𓊶𓊪𓅱 kȝpw : roof — Egyptian (AED)

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