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The German surname suffix -Baum is popular among spooks, so it may again be a pun. One possibility is the Semitic compound בעם b-ˁm b-am, which can mean “with a veil”.

The German surname suffixes Stein, Berg, Mann, Feld all pun with “veil” or “disguise”, that’s why they are so popular with spook aristocrats. It should be possible that the common German surname suffix Baum is also a pun, since it’s also very popular with spooks. However, there seems to be no word in the ancient languages with those consonants that means “veil” or “disguise”.

However, there is a Semitic compound with the consonants B-M, which means “with a veil” or “in a veil”:

Since Semitic rozen means “ruler”, the very common spook name Rosen-Baum would then mean “ruler with a veil”.

Note: The root ˁm in the sense of “dimming” & “darkening” seems to have generally dropped out of use, with all its derivations, so a modern Hebrew speaker without special education wouldn’t understand this pun.

Hebrew, Aramaic b-ˁm = with a veil / headband / dimmer / muffler

ב־ b- : in; with; while, during; among — Hebrew (Wikt)

עמם ˁmm : dimmer, muffler — Hebrew (Klein)

עמעם ˁmˁm : silencer, muffler — Hebrew (Klein)

עממה ˁmmh : headband — Aramaic (CAL)

עים ˁym : cloud, mist; cataract [of the eye]; large veil used in the cult to cover a chalice — Aramaic (CAL)

ܥܘܡܝܐ ˁwmyˀ : invisible, hidden from sight, covered, veiled / camouflaged, concealed — Syriac (AAF)

🏷  Semitic pun spook name · name