Garden Eden

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The Biblical garden Eden spells out the term “hidden luxury”: The garden is gn, which is derived from an “enclosure”, which also means “protecting” & “hiding” (English garden may also be derived from guarding). The name עדן ˁdn ˁeden is a word that means “luxury”. The garden Eden may thus be a spooky pun to explain how the spook rulers needed to hide their loot from their looted subjects. (And “hidden delights” may be a secondary pun about sexuality, as with the Tree of Knowledge.)

Hebrew, Aramaic gn = garden, cover, hiding

גן gn : an enclosure, garden (as fenced) — Old Hebrew (Strong)

גנה gnh ganah : to cover, be covered; to overshadow, to obscure — Hebrew (Jastrow)

גנן gnn : to defend, protect, guard, shelter — Hebrew (Klein)

גני gny : hide, hidden; close, retain; hide oneself, remove oneself — Aramaic (CAL)

Hebrew, Aramaic ˁdn = Eden, luxury

עדן ˁdn : Eden: the garden home of Adam and Eve — Old Hebrew (Strong)

עדן ˁdn : refreshment; pleasure; the garden of Eden; paradise — Hebrew (Jastrow)

עדן ˁdn : pleasure, delight, luxury — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Bible name Genesis Semitic pun · name