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The word “history” puns with “theater” & “staged play acting” in a number of Romance languages languages.

In Latin and derived languages, the stem histrio means “actor”. Since much of written history seems like to have been fabled up by the cryptocrats, based on live-enacted scams, it’s possible that the word history is a pun with histrio as “theater”. It may at the same time be a pun with Hester, the Latin form of Esther, which means “veiled”.

Latin, Romance languages histrio = actor, player; from Etruscan

histriō : an actor, player (possibly from Etruscan) — Latin (Wikt)

histrión : actor, playactor — Spanish (Wikt)

histrion : comedian, mime, actor who plays farces; a bad actor; someone who makes a show of himself with exaggerated effects — French (Wikt)

istrione : a professional actor; an emphatic actor; a person with an overly theatrical attitude — Italian (Wikt)

histrionic : of or relating to actors or acting; From Late Latin histriōnicus (“pertaining to acting; scurrilous, shameful; wretched”), from Latin histriōnicus (“pertaining to acting and the theatre”), from histriō (“actor, player”) — English (Wikt)

🏷  Latin pun · name