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The name Loewenstein may be a variant of Loew and thus of Levi. The Stein suffix means “disguised”.

The names Löw & Loeb are officially derived from Levi and listed among the Levite surnames. I would therefore also derive Loewenstein from Levi.

As seen with Löw & Loeb, the letter Waw can be pronounced as [v], [w], and even as Samaritan [b]. Also, the word root from Levi is a B-V-W case and is written lw and lb in various languages.

A stepwise derivation can be seen in the B-V-W variants listed here.

As of , ThePeerage.com also lists several hundred Loewensteins in V/B/W variants, further confirming the Levi pun. Note that they even shed their “stone” in “Leveson of Stone”.

For another possible Levi variant, see Livingstone.

🏷  Levi Semitic spook name · name