🏷  Semitic pun · name   —   by Gerry · Mar 2021 · 70 words

To common-birth faithfuls, a mitzvah is a holy commandment. But to the ultra-rich, ultra-corrupt spooks, who merely pretend to be religious, its likely a pun of mṣwh “command” with mswh “veil”. In fact, their religious pretense is often their veil. See also Bar Mitsvah.

Hebrew mṣwh = commandment; mswh = veil, mask

מצוה mṣwh : commandment — Hebrew (Wikt)

מסוה mswh : cover, veil, mask — Hebrew (Klein)

מסוה mswh : veil; vail — Old Hebrew (Strong)

🏷  Semitic pun · name