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The Egyptian god Osiris is written wsjr, and puns with wsr for “power” & “wealth”.

Osiris is written wsjr, very often with the biliteral signs Q1 𓊨 ws and D4 𓁹 jrj. As usual, all of Osiris’ attributes are S-R puns with his name. The most obvious pun is with wsr for “power” & “wealth”, which is already a hint as to who really invented this religion. Since jrj for “acting” is a very common word, there may also be compound phrases, though they are harder to figure out.

Egyptian wsjr = Osiris

𓊨𓁹𓀭 wsjr : Osiris — Egyptian (Wikt)

Egyptian wsr = strength, power, wealth

𓄊𓋴𓂋𓂡 wsr.w : power; strength; wealth — Egyptian (TLA)

𓄊𓋴𓂋𓂡 wsr : strong, powerful, wealthy, influential, rich in years — Egyptian (AED)

𓄊𓋴𓂋𓂡𓀀 wsr : powerful one — Egyptian (TLA)

𓄊𓋴𓂋𓂡𓀀 wsr : wealthy man — Egyptian (AED)

Egyptian wsj = sawing, cutting; r = part, piece

𓅱𓋴𓌪 wsj : to saw — Egyptian (AED)

𓅱𓋴𓌪𓂡 wsj : to saw, cut up, trim (with saw) — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓂋 r : item; part; piece — Egyptian (TLA)

Egyptian wsr = rudder, staff, phallus; srwḫ = healing; sˤḥ = mummy

𓄊𓋴𓂋𓆱 wsr : rudder, oar — Egyptian (TLA)

𓄊𓋴𓂋𓅱S199A𓆱𓏥 wsr : staffs, rods — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓄊𓄹𓏤 wsr : body part of Osiris, phallus? — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓋴𓂋𓅱𓐍𓐎𓏛 srwḫ : to foster; to treat (med.) — Egyptian (TLA)

𓋴𓂝𓎛𓋩𓀾 sˤḥ : mummy; form, shape — Egyptian (TLA)

🏷  Egyptian divine name pun · name