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The strange name Rice is likely a transcription of the Arabic & Turkish title raˀīs, equivalent to the Hebrew title rosh, meaning “head” or “boss”.

Rice as an aristocratic name

ThePeerage.com lists over 300 peers named with Rice variants.

Many are so famous for being born filthy rich & privileged, they got their own Wiki pages.

Rice as a “Jewish” name & Arabic-Turkish title

“Rice” is a curious choice for a name, as no other cereals are taken for names. The origin is undecided with many possibilities given. Several Rice variants are explained as “Jewish” names. For some spellings, the name is admitted to be a Turkish or Arabic title.

Titles reis & rais derived from for “head” & “chief”

I think this is already the solution: Rice is simply the transcription of Turkish reis, Arabic rais, both being leadership titles derived from the Semitc root meaning “head” & “top”. It’s got nothing to do with actual rice and is simply another punny spook name.

Arabic, Turkish rais, reis = leader title

رَئِيس rˀys ra’is : boss, chief, leader; director; headmaster, principal; chairman; governor; president; manager, superintendent; (music) conductor; (military) captain; From the root ر ء س‎ (r-ˀ-s) of رَأَسَ‎ (ra’asa, “to be at the head”). — Arabic (Wikt)

reis : (obsolete) president; From Arabic رَئِيس‎ (ra’īs, “head, chief, leader”). — Turkish (Wikt)

The transcription of the Hebrew pronunciation would be the Rose family of names.

🏷  Semitic Turkish hidden ruler spook name · name