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The spook name Sachs, famous for the despicable Goldman-Sachs banksters, is likely a pun with Arabic / Persian شخص šḫṣ shakhsa, which means “nobility” & “character in a play”, both derived from “personality”. This single word captures the duality of our spook overlords: They’re aristocrats, but constantly play the role of commoners, to conceal their ultra-corrupt nepotist rulership.

Since many (or all?) historic “Barbarian” invasions seem to have been spook projects, the same pun may also apply to the Germanic tribe of the Saxons. I assume that such tribes existed, and that their names had a non-spooky etymology. But they were never a threat to the overlordly empires, and their names were picked at random for the spook projects, from lists of scary potential enemies.

The pun definitely applies to the spooky Ascanian nobility from Saxony.

The Hebrew variant seems to be שחץ šḥṣ shakhats for “pride” & “aristocracy”, but it doesn’t quite capture the meaning to “enact a role”.

Note: In modern Arabic & Persian, this “persona” term has taken on the meaning of a simple “person”, and has lost any special connotation.

Arabic, Persian šḫṣ = person, personality, nobility, role, character

شَخَّصَ šḫṣ šaḵḵaṣa : to personify, to represent as a person, to represent as an individual; to specify, to identify; to act, to perform, to play (a part, role) — Arabic (Wikt)

شَخْص šḫṣ šaḵṣ : person, individual; figure, character — Arabic (Wikt)

شَخْصِيَّة šḫṣʰ šaḵṣiyya : personality; rank, nobility; character (in a story) — Arabic (Wikt)

شخصیة šḫṣʰ shaḵẖṣīyat : individuality, personality, identity; nobility; rank; humanity — Persian (Steingass)

شخص šḫṣ shaḵẖṣ : being bulky and corpulent; being embodied; a person, body, individual; any object appearing black in the distance — Persian (Steingass)

شخص šḫṣ šaxs : person, individual — Persian (Wikt)

شخص šḫṣ śaxs : person, individual — Urdu (Wikt)

Hebrew šḥṣ = separate, haughty, vain, aristocratic

שחץ šḥṣ : to divide, tear; separate, proud, aristocratic; that which is to be kept off; to separate one’s self, be exclusive, lofty — Hebrew (Jastrow)

שחץ šḥṣ : aristocratic, proud, vainglorious, pompous — Hebrew (Jastrow)

שחצנית šḥṣnyt : loving display, vain. — Hebrew (Jastrow)

שחץ šḥṣ : to act proudly; haughty, boast — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Persian Semitic hidden ruler pun spook name · name