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The spook name Sagan literally means “governor” in Hebrew, derived from an ancient Akkadian word meaning “set up” & “installed”.

In Hebrew, sagan is a governor title, most importantly that of a deputy high priest.

The spook buffoon Carl Sagan comes to mind, who has fooled, frightened, entertained and distracted the American public with all sorts of nonsense, from “nuking the moon” to calculating the “possible number” of UFOs & aliens.

Polish aristocrats used the name Sagan as well.

The Hebrew term sagan stems from Akkadian šakānu, which means to “set up” & “install” someone.

Semitic škn, skn, sgn = governor, prefect, deputy

סגן sgn sagan : a prefect, ruler; superintend; a prefect of a province; prince; loan-word from Assyrian šaknu, prefect of conquered city or province (√šakânu: set, appoint) — Old Hebrew (Strong)

סגן sgn : prefect; prefect; chief; a high priestly official: assistant high priest or the like — Aramaic (CAL)

סגן sgn : prefect, ruler; viceroy, deputy; specifically deputy to the High Priest — Hebrew (Klein)

סגן sgn : grandee, chief, viceroy; the chief of the priests, adjutant high priest. — Hebrew (Jastrow)

סוכן swkn : servitor, steward; agent — Hebrew (Klein)

סכן skn : governor, majordomo — Aramaic (CAL)

𒃻𒆳 šaknu : governor — Akkadian (AAF)

𒃻 šakānu : image, stele, equipment, furniture…: to set in place, to erect, to place, to put, to install; document: to deposit / to submit; tree, plant…: to plant; clothes, jewels…: to put on, to bear, to display / to sport; official: to appoint, to install, to assign; to impose a tax, a victory; to fix, to arrange, to contrive, to plan, to organize, to combine (?), to imagine (?) / to invent (?) / to conceive (?) / to bring about; Proto-Semitic: *šakān, Arabic: sakana سَكَنَ, Hebrew: šāk̇an שָׁכַן, Ugaritic: škn 𐎌𐎋𐎐 — Akkadian (AAF)

🏷  Semitic hidden ruler pun spook name · name