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The stage name Shakira of the pop singer is likely a pun with the Semitic term שקר šqr shaqar for “liar” & “fraud”, similar to Zucker.

The pop singer Shakira claims to have Spanish, Italian & Lebanese ancestors, and her stage name is said to come from Arabic شاكر šˀkr shakir for “thankful”. However, her biography is a spooky one: She allegedly became famous simply because she liked poetry & singing as a child, then a producer “discovered” her, “surprised” major studio bosses, and somehow made them sign an advance contract to produce 3 albums for this unknown 13 years old girl, the first 2 even being commercially unsuccessful! Simply not credible.

More likely, she’s a liar & fraud, and promoted for being from spook aristocracy. Like the spook surname Zucker, the name Shakira looks like a pun with Semitic שקר šqr shaqar for “liar” & “fraud”. Some Aramaic variants are even vowelized to shaqir, very similar to Shakira.

Hebrew, Aramaic šqr = lie, liar, falsehood, deceive

שקרא šqrˀ shiqra : lie — Hebrew (Klein)

שקר šqr shaqqar : liar — Hebrew (Jastrow)

שקור šqwr shiqqur : lying, false dealing — Hebrew (Klein)

שקר šqr shaqar : to be false; to lie; to defraud — Hebrew (Jastrow)

שקיר šqyr shaqir : lying — Aramaic (CAL)

ܫܩܪ šqr shaqir : to act like a quack, to act as a mountebank to deceive / to beguile others, to pretend / to sham, to be a pretender — Syriac (AAF)

🏷  Semitic pun spook name · name