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The modern Jewish name Zucker or Zuckerberg, if used by spook aristocrats, may be a pun with the Semitic term שקר šqr sheqer for “liar” & “fraud”.

Semitic šqr for “falsehood” & “fraud”

Spookery is all about fraud & deception, about ultra-rich aristocrats feigning to be commoners, to conceal the fact that they never earned anything and have merely inherited all their wealth & power for millennia. The best spooky pun for Zucker is therefore sheqer for “liar” & “fraud”. It chimes with countless other spook names and Biblical names which are puns with synonyms for “deception” & “mockery”.

Hebrew šqr = lie, liar, falsehood, deception

שקר šqr shaqqar : liar — Hebrew (Jastrow)

שקר šqr sheqer : lie, falsehood — Hebrew (Wikt)

שקור šqwr shiqqur : lying, false dealing — Hebrew (Klein)

שקר šqr sheqer : lie, falsehood, vanity — Hebrew (Jastrow)

שקר šqr shaqar : to be false; to lie; to defraud — Hebrew (Jastrow)

שקר šqr sheqer : lie, falsehood, deception (by words) — Hebrew (Klein)

שקר šqr sheqer : deception, disappointment, falsehood; deceit, deceiving, falsehood, liar, lie; feignedly — Old Hebrew (Strong)

(Note: The word root √šqr is very old. It can be traced back to Akkadian šugguru.)

The Zucker family of names

The best example for a spooky Zucker biography must be Mark Zuckerberg, the moronic CEO of Facebook, who purportedly invented a global social media monopoly out of his Harvard dorm room without any new ideas, miraculously winning against giant companies already on that market. Miles did a very good deconstruction of him. That idiot is obviously a liar & fraud, so sheqer meaning “liar” & “fraud” fits him very well. Zucker-Berg also uses the -Berg suffix, which puns with burqa for “veil”. Zucker-Berg would thus be a pun with Sheqer-Burqa “veil of lies”.

Shakira is another spook fraudster using the sheqer pun.

Many other Zucker names exist in many languages. While they all do have actual meanings (very often “sugar”), spook aristocrats likely prefer these names, simply because they have the consonantal footprint of šqr.

🏷  Semitic pun spook name · name