🏷  English fake job hidden ruler pun spook name · name   —   by Gerry · Jul 2020 · 166 words

The fake occupation & spook name Taylor / Tailor seems to be a variant of Teller, which means banker. The word is derived from Old English tellan / Old German tellen (zählen, teilen) which means “counting” & “accounting”. It’s no coincidence that the telling of a story is also called an “account”, and that untold wealth is “uncountable wealth”.

English, German tell = telling, counting, accounting, banker

teller : a person who tells stories; (banking, chiefly US) a bank clerk who receives and pays out money; (synonym: cashier); (banking) ellipsis of automated teller machine; From Middle English tellere (“one who counts or enumerates; one who recounts or relates; teller”), equivalent to tell (verb) +‎ -er. — English (Wikt)

tell : to count, reckon, or enumerate; to narrate; From Middle English tellen (“to count, tell”), from Old English tellan (“to count, tell”), from Proto-Germanic *taljaną, *talzijaną (“to count, enumerate”) — English (Wikt)

tellen : to count, to tell; From Middle Low German tellen, from Old Saxon tellian, from Proto-Germanic *taljaną — Low German (Wikt)

🏷  English fake job hidden ruler pun spook name · name