Beaky nose

🏷  Semitic phoenix pun · symbol   —   by Gerry · Jul 2021 · 391 words

Miles found that many spook aristocrats prominently feature a curved, beaky nose, in real life, but especially visible on their official portraits. Since this nose is often what gives them away as descendants of ancient Fertile Crescent aristocracy, we have to wonder why they don’t change it on their portraits, but rather emphasize it. I think the answer is again a pun: One way to say “beaky nose” in Semitic is ˀp-nqz which puns with phoenix, and therefore also with “Phoenician” and “banker”. The spooks probably mean to signal that they are of Phoenician heritage, and bankers.

This type of curved nose is often called “Jewish nose” or “Roman nose”. That’s of course false. Most people from the Fertile Crescent and many from the Mediterranean have a curved nose, not just Jews or Romans. Even people from other regions have one occasionally. It also goes without saying that there’s nothing wrong with having a curved nose, people with curved noses can be as beautiful (or ugly) as with any other type of nose.

The reason that curved noses came to be associated with Romans and Jews in particular is the spooks’ own propaganda: Roman emperors had their curved noses emphasized on their portraits, likely to signal their Phoenician heritage. The later-day spook propaganda machine put it on the anti-Jewish caricatures, which falsely blame actual Jews for the crimes of the crypto-aristocrats who merely feign to be Jews.

If anything, the oriental facial features of so many European rulers are evidence that Europe has always ruled by descendants of ancient spook aristocrats from the Fertile Crescent. More evidence exists of course, such as their official genealogies going back to the Fertile Crescent, and their omnipresent Semitic punnery. And being ruled by foreign rulers, who don’t identify with “their” region or the local people, that is indeed a huge problem. For a reminder, we only have to look at the very cruel treatment that colonies conquered from Europe suffered at the hands of European invaders, again goaded by the same spook aristocracy.

Aramaic, Hebrew ˀp = nose; nqz = puncture, beak

אף ˀp : nose — Hebrew (Jastrow)

אף ˀp : nose — Aramaic (CAL)

נקז nqz : to puncture; to pierce; to strike with the beak; to let blood — Aramaic (CAL)

נקוז nqwz : beak — Aramaic (CAL)

נקז nqz : to puncture; to let blood; to drain — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Semitic phoenix pun · symbol