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The fake spook job bricklayer, and bricks in general, translate into labni in the Semitic languages, which puns with Levin, which in turn means “banker”. The names Brick & Briggs may also be variants of this pun.

Hebrew, Aramaic lbn = make bricks;

לבן lbn : to work in bricks; to make bricks; to lay bricks; to form bricks — Aramaic (CAL)

לבן lbn : to make bricks; Denominated from לְבֵנָה (= brick). cp. Arab. labbana (= he made bricks), from labina (= brick), and Akka. labānu (= to make bricks), from libittu (= brick). — Hebrew (Klein)

The fact that “bricklayer” is pronounced like “banker” in Hebrew provides a good explanation how all those spooky celebs who started out as bricklayers got rich & famous. They didn’t really start as bricklayers, but rather as ultra-rich, cryptocratic bankers.

Here’s a non-exaustive list from Wikipedia, of all those rich & famous spooks who claim their father was a “bricklayer”.

Some celebs even claim to have been bricklayers themselves, before they started their stellar career in finance, politics or arts.

Yeah, right.

🏷  Semitic fake job hidden ruler pun spook name · symbol