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The fake spook job bricklayer, and bricks in general, translate into לבן lbn laban in the Semitic languages, which puns with Levin, which in turn means “banker” & “mocker”. The spook names Brick & Briggs may also be variants of this pun.

Hebrew, Aramaic lbn = make bricks;

לבן lbn : to work in bricks; to make bricks; to lay bricks; to form bricks — Aramaic (CAL)

לבן lbn : to make bricks; Denominated from לְבֵנָה (= brick). cp. Arab. labbana (= he made bricks), from labina (= brick), and Akka. labānu (= to make bricks), from libittu (= brick). — Hebrew (Klein)

The fact that “bricklayer” is pronounced like “banker” in Hebrew provides a good explanation how all those spooky celebs who started out as bricklayers got rich & famous. They didn’t really start as bricklayers, but rather as ultra-rich, cryptocratic bankers.

Here’s a non-exaustive list from Wikipedia, of all those rich & famous spooks who claim their father was a “bricklayer”.

Some celebs even claim to have been humble bricklayers themselves, before they started their stellar career in finance, politics or arts. As with all fake spook jobs, the brick walls are indeed there to keep us out of their real biographies as priviledged princelings, groomed from the cradle.

It seems the spooks brick-walled us again here.

🏷  Semitic fake job hidden ruler pun spook name · symbol