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The number 47 is one of the major spook markers for fake events & fake deaths. It may be a multi-pun: In modern English, “forty-seven” puns with “for-deceiving”. In Hebrew, the spelling ארבע שבע ˀrbˁ-šbˁ for “four-seven” puns with ערבא שועי ˁrbˀ-šwˁy for “guaranteed a fairy tale”, and with רבא שוא rbˀ-šwˀ for “deceptive death”.

English number “forty-seven” as a number “for-deceiving”

Pronouncing “forty-seven” with a thick Southern US accent, like “ferrdy-seiven”, makes it similar to “for-deceiving”. That seems like a pretty lame pun, but we can confirm with all the other puns that spookery is all about lame puns.

So the next time you are told in the news that the “number of victims is 47 people”, or that the “court settlement is 47 million”, then try to pronounce it with an accent, and you’ll see that these numbers are really “for deceiving people”, even “for deceiving millions”.

Another possibility may be pronouncing 4 as the French term “faux”, and 47 as “faux, deceiving”. Whatever the lame joke may be here, the number 47 enjoys particular popularity among the spooky elites. This “code 47” was mostly pioneered by the Star Trek series.

Joe Menosky graduated from Pomona College in 1979 and went on to become one of the story writers of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Menosky “infected” other Star Trek writers with an enthusiasm for the number 47. As a result, 47, its reverse 74, its multiples, or combinations of 47 occur in a large number of episodes of the program and its spin-offs Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise, usually in the form of dialogue, on-screen labels, or computer screens.

Wikipedia: 47 in popular culture

Semitic 47 punning with ˁrbˀ-šwˁ for “guaranteed a fairy tale”

There’s also a possible Semitic pun:

The word ארבע ˀrbˁ meaning “four” puns with ערבא ˁrbˀ for “guarantor” & “guarantee”.

The number 7 is given away by the fact that it occurs very often in fairy tales (7 dwarfs, goats, ravens): The 7 is written שבעי šbˁy, but the unvowelized root would be שבע šbˁ, often read shva. If you’d write the V with W instead of B, it’d become שוע šwˁ. And this spelling literally means “fairy tale” & “joke”.

The number 47 could therefore mark hoaxed events as a “guaranteed fairy tale” & “guaranteed joke”, assuring all insiders that nothing bad has really happened.

Hebrew ˁrbˀ = guarantor, guarantee

ערבא ˁrbˀ : surety, guarantor — Hebrew (Klein)

ערבא ˁrbˀ : bondsman, surety — Hebrew (Jastrow)

ערב ˁrb : bondsman, surety; guarantor; security; vouch for — Hebrew (Jastrow)

Aramaic šˁ = joke, mockery, false story, fairy tale

שעי šˁy : to flatter; to tell a story; to overcome by flattery; to cover over; to play; to smooth over; to play; to gamble; to narrate a story (false or otherwise!); to play, sport; to dream; to be taken as a joke — Aramaic (CAL)

שועי šwˁy : story, fairy tale; tale (often with a negative connotation); joke, mockery; complaint — Aramaic (CAL)

שועי šwˁy : joke; sport — Aramaic (CAL)

שעיו šˁyw : false story telling; mockery — Aramaic (CAL)

Semitic 47 punning with rbˀ-šwˀ for “fake death”

The Semitic numbers 4 and 7 loosely pun with the term רבא שוא rbˁ šwˀ reva shav, literally “lying down in deceit”, which could be a way to say “fake death”. This may be the reason why the number 47 is used often (but not always) in fake deaths.

Hebrew rbˀ = lie down, die

רבא ; רבי rby; rbˀ : to lie down, die; to crouch, flee to a hiding place — Hebrew (Jastrow)

Hebrew šwˀ = false, deceit

שוא šwˀ shav : deceit, deceitful, deception, emptiness, empty, false, false visions, falsehood, lies, vain, vanity, worthless — Old Hebrew (Strong)

שוא šwˀ shav : vacancy; vanity, inanity, falsehood; vain, to no purpose — Hebrew (Jastrow)

Hebrew 47 = m.z.mwt zwp = “fake death”

The Hebrew numerals for 47 are מז mz. Perhaps this is supposed to be read as the acronym מ׳׳ז m.z. for מות זוף mwt zwp “fake death”. Alternatively, if read backwards, it could mean זמם zmm “plotting” & “scheming”. Both are not very good puns.

NumberHebrew numeral
40מ Mim
7ז Zayin
47 = 40 + 7מז mzמ׳׳ז m.z.מות זוף mwt zwp = fake death
47 = 40 + 7מז mzזם zmזמה zmh = plan, plot, scheme

Hebrew zmh, zmm = plot, plan, scheme, false testimony

זמה zmh : a plan, device, wickedness; immorality, lewdness, wicked scheme — Old Hebrew (Strong)

זמה zmh : thought, plan, counsel; cunning, evil plan — Hebrew (Jastrow)

זמה zmh : plan, decree; evil plan, wickedness; incest, prostitution — Hebrew (Klein)

זמם zmm : consider, devise, imagine, plot, purpose, think evil, scheme; to plan, usually in a bad sense — Old Hebrew (Strong)

זמם zmm : to consider, purpose, devise; schemed, plotted; condemned because of a false testimony — Hebrew (Klein)

זמם zmm : muzzle; false accusation, evil plan — Aramaic (CAL)

זמם zmm : false testimony — Hebrew (Jastrow)

🏷  English Semitic hoax marker numerology pun · symbol