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The spooks seem to use 2 numerology encryptions: One is that any given number can be written in Hebrew letters, which will then spell out a word. Usually that’s not the exact spelling, but again a pun with a similar word, e.g. aces & eights, which spells chay but puns with chawy. The other method is that a number is pronounced like some other word, or has a meaning besides its numerical value, like number 2. The spooks also seem to like numerology puns that work in more than one language, perhaps to signal different breeds of spooklings.

9 bows peoples

were supposedly barbarian invaders, yet pun with “mock rebellion” in Egyptian


can be read as “agitate the people” and “bullshit the multitudes”


puns with “disguise”

Number 1

puns with “leader”

Number 13

stands for “bad luck”, because it spells out the word “suffering”

Number 2

literally means “duplicate” & “disguise”

Number 33

spells “mockery”, and puns with “government agent”, “fake death”, “tricking the lower classes”

Number 47

puns with “for deceiving” in English

Number 6

puns with “opposition” & “Satan”

Number 666

spells “beast” & “confusion” in Greek, and synonyms for “Satan” in Hebrew

Number 8

is octo in Latin, which puns with “acting”

Number 911

seems to spell out “bullshit!” and “absolutely no people”

Numbers 1 & 8

spell out “show!”, and pun with “an act” & “completely enacted”

Skull & bones

pun with “hidden leader”