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The number 911 was chosen as the date to commit the fake terror attacks. If spoken out in Latin, 911 is nongenti undecim, homonymous with non genti undique “absolutely no people”. In Hebrew, the same number spells out the word ציא ṣyˀ, which can be read as צואה ṣyˀh “shit”, i.e. “bullshit”. Both readings seem to assure lesser spooklings that no people were harmed. But in fact, the fake attacks and the manufactured wars that followed did massive harm to countless people.

Latin pun with “absolutely no people”

In Latin, “ninehundred-eleven” is nongenti undecim. That puns with non genti undique “absolutely no people” (in false grammar). This also works as nonaginta-unus “ninety-one”, which puns with “not a single person”. The spook governors seem to assure the lesser spooklings that they have hurt absolutely no people in their faked terror attacks on their own buildings.

I’m not so sure that this is true. Even if the World Trade Center was properly vacated, the poisonous clouds produced by the demolition still harmed many innocent bystanders (though famous cases may be spooks, to prevent real ones from coming forward). And the manufactured wars that the spooks justified with the fake attacks definitely killed many people, both Americans and Middle Easterners, and wrecked the lives of countless more.

The 1973 Chilean coup also happened on a September 11. Yes, Allende was an crypto-aristocrat, not a real Communist, and it may be that “absolutely no people” were harmed in the attack on his palace. But under Pinochet, countless actual brutalities were certainly committed. I personally know a refugee whose father disappeared back then.

The spooks are deluding the common people, but they are also deluding themselves: with internal propaganda like this “absolutely no harm” thing. If any of you little spooklings are reading this: Don’t believe it, and don’t participate in these hoaxes! By hoaxing up a fake cause, you help push your country into actual war & militarism, and people will suffer and die from it, because of you!

Latin nongenti = nine hundred; non-genti = no people

nongenti : nine hundred; 900; From novem (“nine”) + centum (“hundred”) — Latin (Wikt)

non : not — Latin (Wikt)

gens; gentī : tribe; people, family — Latin (Wikt)

Latin undecim, undeci = eleven; undique = from all sides, in all respects, completely

ūndecim : eleven; corresponding to ūnus (“one”) + decem (“ten”) — English (Wikt)

undici : eleven — Italian (Wikt)

undique : from all sides; from every direction; all over; in every place; utterly, completely; from every point of view, in all respects — Latin (Wikt)

Hebrew pun with CIA / “bullshit” / “command”

In Hebrew, the number 911 works only with the modern numerals system which uses sofit letter forms. It then spells out the word ציא ṣyˀ, which can be read as a spelling variant of צואה ṣwˀh, which means both “excrement” and “command” (as in mitsvah). 911 may thus be an event marker which explicitly states that the official narrative is “bullshit”, but at the same time issues a very strict “order” to comply with the deception.

As for “excrement” & “command”, it’s probably not a coincidence that these words overlap in so many spelling variants. An etymological relation may be via “piling on” things, which seems to be suggested by the Jastrow dictionary.

If you do a letter-swap from Hebrew to Latin, then Ṣade-Yod-ˀAleph can also mean C-I-A, which is of course the CIA. And yes, the CIA was certainly involved in 9/11. But it’s not like “the CIA did 9/11”, and no one else: No US authority ever questioned the obvious fakery that is 9/11. Actually, no authority on the whole planet ever questioned it! That means they’re all complicit in some way or another. The rulers on this planet have always been one big interwoven family, and they’re all in on the big scams.

NumberHebrew numeral
900ץ Ṣade sofit (modern system)
90צ Ṣade
10י Yod
1א ˀAleph
911 = 900 + 10 + 1ציא ṣyˀצאה ṣˀh / צואה ṣwˀh = command / shit
91 = 90 + 1צא ṣˀצאה ṣˀh / צואה ṣwˀh = command / shit

Hebrew, Aramaic ṣw, ṣˀh, ṣwˀh = command, order, excrement, filth

צו ṣw : command, order — Hebrew (Klein)

צוה ṣwh : to command, order; commanded, ordered; appointed, charged — Hebrew (Klein)

צוי ṣwy : to join, attend; to arrange, pile; to order, command; to appoint; to be ordered, commanded — Hebrew (Jastrow)

צואה ṣwˀh : command, order, verbal will — Hebrew (Jastrow)

צואה ṣwˀh : filthy matter, excrement — Hebrew (Jastrow)

צאה ṣˀh : excrement, dung, filth — Hebrew (Klein)

צאי ṣˀy : to become dirty; to soil; to be soiled, covered in excrement — Aramaic (CAL)

🏷  Semitic hoax marker numerology pun · symbol