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The name Mishnah of the collection of Jewish religious law is derived from משנה m-šnh “copy”, since it is supposed to be a written copy of traditional oral law. However, as with all famous ancient texts, the book is likely pun-encrypted, with even the title being a pun. Because the name Mishnah for “copy” is derived from שנה šnh which means both “second” and “disguise”, the name Mishnah can also mean “disguise”.

The word root √šn for “two” & “second” occurs in the forms šnˀ / šny / šnh. Among the derived meanings are “copy” and also “disguise”. You can always add the prefix m- to any word to mean “of X”, so the M-prefixed name Mishnah can also mean “disguise”. For a full discussion of this word root, see number 2.

The Mishnah plus the Gemara commentary is called Talmud, which puns with “deception”.

Aramaic šn = second, copy, changed, disguised; m- = (prefix)

שנה šnh : to change; alter; to pervert (countenance); to disguise oneself; to be changed, different — Hebrew (Klein)

שנה šnh : alter; double, duplicate, repeat; change; be given to change; disguise; be diverse; pervert — Old Hebrew (Strong)

שני šny : to be different; to be changed; to act insane; to simulate madness; to distinguish; to be changed, transformed; to disguise oneself — Aramaic (CAL)

מ־ m- : preposition: from, of — Hebrew (Klein)

משנה mšnh : double, twofold; second, second in order, second in rank; copy — Hebrew (Klein)

משנה mšnh : repetition; copy, duplicate — Hebrew (Jastrow)

משנה mšnh : strange — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Semitic numerology pun spook law · name